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Life is made of many different things! Images, colors, sounds, feelings, friends... here is a collection of some of those experiences that I would love to share with you.
  1. Guitar - Waltz
    Waltz, Op 8 No 2 by Fernando Sor
  2. Guitar - Spagnoletta
    Spagnoletta - Anonymous
  3. Guitar - Lagrima
    by Francisco Tarrega
  4. Diving - Deepest pool in the world
    Max depth 42 mts / 138 ft
  5. Diving - Japan
    Divers: Stein and Vlad Dive site: Japan Video credit: Vlad
  6. Guitar - Cielito Lindo
    Mexican Folklore Song
  7. Guitar - Ejercicio in E minor
    By Jose Ferrer
  8. Wreck Diving in Manzanillo, Mexico
    Diving the San Luciano Wreck
  9. Reef Diving - Manzanillo, Mexico
    Diving at club de yates in Manzanillo